The Super Six is what a lot of teachers use when working on children’s comprehension development.  Here's a list of things you can try!!!


1. Predicting - i.e.

What can your child learn about the text from its cover?  

- What words does your child think the book will contain?

Stop reading a few pages into the text and ask your child to write or discuss what they think will happen next?  

2. Making connections -

Text to self

i.e. if the book is about the beach talk about when your child and the family were at the beach once. It emphasises the idea that books are about much more than just what's inside the cover.

Text to world

i.e. if its about the environment can your child think of a situation where there is environmental issues on the news or in the area

Text to text

- can your child think of another book or text that has the same topic or themes? Compare and contrast.

3. Summarising - Get your child to tell you about the book i.e. what is it really  about i.e. the most important thoughts - not just retell the story line.

4.Clarifying - Ensure your child knows all word meanings and pronunciations

5. Visualising - Your child can draw a picture/story map or pretend he/she is in a picture in the book.  What can he/she see, hear smell, taste, feel, wonder, think?

6. Questioning - Get your child to form questions about the book’s setting, storyline and characters  i.e. who, what, where, when why and how?

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